Angel Eye is all about who you are.

Our pieces are meant to stand out alone yet are able to be accessorized to match almost any occasion. Our message is to promote anyone to dress how they want to look. Always.

Whether you want to get crazy at a festival or hangout at a lux resort in South Beach, you will be sure to stand out.

Be your own label

    Eva Bean

    Eva Bean, Designer

    Eva Bean
    Maria Woods

    Maria Woods, Costume Designer

    Maria Woods
    Booby Stone

    Booby Stone, CEO

    Booby Stone
    Anna Neaga

    Anna Neaga, Director

    Anna Neaga
    Art Director
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Our advantages

Ideas and concepts

All new Ideas and concepts for latest Fashion

Designs & interfaces

Simplest Design & interface for the customers

Highly customizable

The site is highly customisable according to the users need

Easy to use

Every non techie can use this to buy their favourite products